Megan is the Director and Owner of Decision Science. After completing a double degree in Sports Management and Sport Science (Honours), Megan went to work at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Australia, working with a variety of sports and athletes in the domain of Skill Acquisition.

Following this Megan went onto complete a PhD in Sport Science (Skill Acquisition) from Victoria University. During this time she worked with and consulted at a variety of Australian football teams from the Australian Football League (AFL) down to grass roots and country football and netball teams. The doctorate research focussed on using video-based training to improve decision-making accuracy and speed of athletes.

Following this research, a gap was identified in that there are no simple software packages available to train such skills, despite the importance placed on decision making and pattern recall by coaches and sport scientists. Understanding the demands of elite sport, both of athletes and coaches, Decision Science has been established aiming to provide sporting clubs and organisations, of all skill levels to test and train the decision-making and pattern recall ability of their athletes. The Elite Software Suite has been designed with practicality and simplicity in mind.

In addition to the software, further consulting services are offered, including playlist design, regular athlete performance reports, coach consultations and more. Please see our products page for details