Elite Decisions is designed to train the decision-making accuracy and speed of your athletes using video. The software allows coaches to create a playlist of video clips (supplied by the user) and to define the best options available within each video clip. For example, a coach may select 12 video clips for the playlist and designate the best three options for the player with the ball in each video clip, giving three, two and one point.

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Full Set up of Software and playlists

Decision Science can provide advice and support for creating a playlist database. This will need to be done in consultation with coaches, to select the types of video clips and responses that are individual to your teams needs. Please contact Megan for more information and pricing.

Performance Reports

Regular athlete performance reports can be provided to coaches. Please contact Megan for more information and pricing.

  • Keep track of athletes performance and progress
  • Allow Decision Science access to athlete database (full privacy and confidentiality assured)
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports can be provided to coaches
  • Takes the hassle and demands away from coaches
  • Document that can go directly into player performance reviews
  • You decide on reporting times and level of detail/information provided